Staged Reading of “TRIM: The Tiger Woods Story” Monday night

\n\nToday I received an email from a disgruntled Cubs fan and professor of Chicago History at Loyola University about a staged reading of “TRIM: The Tiger Woods Story.”  He makes no habit of supplying bad information.  It read:\n

This is a FREE staged reading of a play this coming Monday night.  It should be really good.

\nSo CSS will be at the American Theater Co. tomorrow night.  You should be too.  It’ll be worth your time.  We’re willing to bet our meager, sick sale fleeting reputation on it.\n\nHere is the Reader post:\nTRIM-THE TIGER\nposted 03/08/2013\nTRIM-THE TIGER Woods Story. A what-if play by Lonnie Carter and Walter (Mac) Davis. Staged reading at the American Theater Company, mind 1909 W Byron St, on Monday, March 18, 8pm. Featuring Ann Joseph Douglas, Emjoy Gavino, Hillary Miller, and Philip Edward Van Lear. Audience discussion after. Bring us your St Patrick’s Day hangovers and we’ll get you ready for the Masters Tournament.

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