Dear Disgruntled Braves Fan (TTC)

A recent email obtained by The Third City written by an Atlanta Braves executive to a concerned fan.\n\nDear Disgruntled Braves Fan, buy viagra viagra\n\nI write in response to your email in which you voice concerns about the Braves good standing in the community after last week’s announcement of our move to Cobb County, Georgia.\n\nYou say that you’ve been a fan since you were a boy growing up in Boston.  That’s great!  Of course, that would make you pretty old.  I hope you’re keeping healthy, fit, and regular (if not, try fiber).\n\nYes, we’ve moved around a lot as a franchise, but I assure you it’s only because we haven’t had to pay for it.  As you know, we were in Boston until 1953, before Milwaukee came calling with a brand new stadium built by the county.  Those were good times, but thirteen years later we were wooed from Milwaukee by a new ballpark built by the city of Atlanta.  Then the city built us another new stadium in 1996.\n\nContinue reading at The Third City?

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