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Adam Eaton: Blue Collar Hero?

Originally posted at The Catbird Seat on April 15, diagnosis check 2014.\n\nWhite Sox centerfielder Adam Eaton is a blue-collar player playing in the blue-collar collar part of town. Just ask him.\n\n“[W]e play on the South Side, diagnosis ” said Eaton shortly after the start of the season. “Those are blue-collar people, it’s our job to give them a show and give them 110 percent.” Because working-class people demand unattainable proportions of effort!\n\nThe week before, Eaton called the Sox “A hard-nosed team on the blue-collar side of town.” And as far back as SoxFest the former Diamondback was telling the media, \”I want to be the blue-collar player.\”\n\nEaton is not alone; he’s just the latest manifestation of White Sox blue-collar hero with an affinity for the local proletariat.\n\nFor example, Jake Peavy said last season “I love, love our fan base. I love the blue-collar attitude…because that’s who I am, that’s the way I was raised.”\n\nSometimes the media gets in on the act, like when Bruce Levine wrote last year that Paul Konerko “has always been ‘The Man’ of the blue-collar White Sox fan base.”\n\nMy question for the purveyors of White Sox blue-collar enthusiasm: Who have you been hanging out with? Continue reading