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Jerry Reinsdorf Caught Doing His Thing

This post originally appeared on The Catbird Seat.


By Chris Lamberti and James Fegan


Jerry Reinsdorf and his foibles are a bit of a pet topic for James Fegan and Chris Lamberti, mind patient so they couldn’t resist taking some time out to discuss his recent brush with national prominence.


James: Last week, we were treated to New York Times reports that Jerry Reinsdorf is mobilizing against the peaceful, albeit highly nepotistic, transition of the commissioner-ship from Sir Bud, the Mad King to his loyal right hand Rob Manfred.


Chris: In a showdown that Jeff Passan describes as a power grab, Reinsdorf intends on blocking the confirmation of Selig’s hand-picked successor Manfred as commissioner of Major League Baseball. Manfred is a commissioner’s office insider who has the experience, credentials, and personality to woo owners and keep the baseball money train a-chuggin. However, Reinsdorf, who has always fancied himself a small-market owner operating in a big city (this position is debatable but that’s another story) considers Manfred a “sinner” in two ways according to Passan:



Manfred recognizes the large markets ultimately run the game because they’re the ones that generate massive revenue. That one is forgivable because, well, it’s true. More egregious is this: Manfred calls Reinsdorf out on his politicking. And the only thing more dangerous than a powerful man is one who tells the truth about how he lassoed that power.



The surprise is that Reinsdorf is pitting himself against Selig; the two have been described often as old pals. Apparently Reinsdorf’s chumminess with Selig was contingent upon having a direct line to the commissioner’s office. Now that Manfred is threatening not to extend Reinsdorf the same courtesy, Bud is dead to Jerry.

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Baseball Instant Replay Rant!

White Sox and Cubs pitchers and catchers reported to camp in Arizona this week. Other players will follow soon. It will be warm there. We will be jealous.\n\nAnd we’ll be excited initially because it’s baseball. But later we’ll be aggravated when we realize that almost as bad as no baseball is the prolonged agony of fake baseball.\n\nIn the end, capsule for sale spring training is like six weeks of drunken foreplay: we’re looking forward to where things are leading, sovaldi sale but it’s hard not to pass out during the run-up.\n\nSo let’s talk about something besides things like who is showing up to camp in the best shape of his career.\n\nLike here’s something that happened this offseason that kind of flew under the radar: as part of America’s quest to suck the humanity out of everything, viagra baseball is going to instant replay!\n Continue reading

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The Hustler: Bill Veeck and Roster Depreciation Allowance

Originally posted on White Sox Observer June 6, viagra ambulance 2012 \n\nWhen the Sox brass and others start using veiled threats and guilt trips to get me to buy more tickets to games that I really can’t afford, tadalafil generic I think about the need for sports franchise operators to pony up for their share of seats in the great ballpark of life . . .\n\nIn Bill Veeck’s SABR bio, Warren Corbett describes the two-time owner of the White Sox as a \”baseball impresario.\”  That’s a pleasant way of putting it.  Veeck, who spent his entire life in the baseball business, described himself as a \”hustler.\”\n\nIt was an image Veeck embraced, and so have his admirers (myself included), for whom Veeck symbolized the joyous huckster amidst a group of stoic profiteers who shared his occupation then and since.\n\nBut the hustler is always looking for angles, and Veeck was no exception.  One grift in particular continues to profoundly affect the fiscal landscape of professional sports, and has helped owners withhold millions, if not billions of dollars in federal taxes.  Veeck’s loophole is known as the “roster depreciation allowance” (RDA).\n Continue reading