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Despite Solid Effort, Sox Barely Lost Money in 2013 (According to Forbes)

Originally posted at The Catbird Seat on March 29, best viagra order 2014.\n

The annual Forbes MLB team valuations came out this week, viagra and for the first time since Jose Canseco’s bulging trapezii were mercilessly fatiguing the seams of a White Sox uniform back in 2001, the business publication has estimated an operating loss for owner Jerry Reinsdorf and Co.; the club was $2.7 million in the red in 2013 they say.


The Forbes valuations are a yearly team-by-team estimated market value and financial snapshot report. After last year (or ‘fiscal’ as they like to say in the accounting biz), Forbes ranks the White Sox as the 14th most valuable franchise in baseball, falling from 11th last year and after being as high as 10th in previous seasons.

\nIn the past I’ve used Forbes valuations to argue (although guardedly) for the sound and ever-improving financial health of Chicago sports franchises. I’ll continue to do that. Here’s why: Continue reading


Sox Take a Step Closer to Playing in Shopping Mall

Originally posted on The Catbird Seat on 3/25/14.\n\nCome opening day, hospital drugstore there will be a shiny new drinking establishment near Section 112 on the U.S. Cellular Field concourse. It’s called “Xfinity Zone, illness see ” which is not trademark infringement because the White Sox partnered with Comcast Corp.’s digital media brand to make this 2, buy viagra 200-square-foot, 12 flat-screen, social media wall, full menu, craft beer and cocktail dream a reality.\n\nActually, as we all know, no baseball-affiliated enterprise is really real until the circulation of the press release including the obligatory home run pun from a company executive/sports-enthusiast.\n

…’Comcast is looking forward to hitting it out of the park with our new Xfinity Zone at U.S. Cellular Field,’ said David Williams, Comcast’s regional vice president of marketing and sales and a White Sox fan.

\nAnd there we have it.\n\nWhite Sox Marketing VP Brooks Boyer calls Xfinity Zone \”one of the most unique and exciting additions we have made to the ballpark to date.\”\n\nIt’s unique in one respect at least. Crain’s Danny Ecker reports the bar was “built by the Sox and Comcast without any financing from the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.”\n Continue reading

Source: OpenCity.org Chicago Zoning Map

With state funding, White Sox’ new bar takes control of Bridgeport game day bar traffic

Credit for the title image goes to OpenCity Apps, click sale which hosts the fabulous zoning map that this comes from, nurse as well as several other great resources.\n\nBy James Fegan\n\nThe average Chicago White Sox game in 2012 brought 24, viagra 271 fans streaming to 35th & Wentworth, along with an untold amount of tailgaters and hangers-on. It’s a well below-average haul for a major league baseball game, but nevertheless 81 days of a much bigger crop of customers ready to engage in leisure spending than local bars and restaurants see otherwise.\n\nWith the state of Illinois’ help, the White Sox are making sure they take their share of that business.\n\n2012 was the first White Sox season that included the presence of Bacardi at the Park, a 10,000 square-foot bar and restaurant built with $3.2 million in funds from Illinois taxpayers, located in the best spot imaginable for pulling in White Sox game day foot traffic—wedged onto the side of U.S. Cellular Field itself.\n\n“Two-fold,” said Bill Guide, the owner of Bridgeport bar Cork & Kerry to describe his reaction to the arrival of the new establishment. “Happy as a White Sox fan, but concerned as a business owner.” Continue reading